The Series is a personal four year project of my exploration of our rich beautiful dark skin through fashion. It is my learning and unlearning of years of the media's definition of beauty and changing our story to be told by us. What started as a fashion project has slowly shifted to concepts having a political tone on the challenges we face as a continent. "Sons of Stolen Lands was such a project. It was a story telling how colonisers came and enriched themselves with our resources by shifting our mindset and telling us their ways were better, their god was better, their dressing, way of life were better, so we ditched our traditions for "Modern times" It's a journey to appreciate my people and our richness. It's a collaboration with my good friend and talented stylist Bryan Emry where we work with different African fashion brands, stylists and models to create an African fashion narrative not just to show the west but also to get us Africans to start appreciating our own.

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