“My voice is more clearer through the lens”

I'm an Editorial, Travel and Interiors photographer based wherever my camera takes me.

Born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, my love for the arts was sparked by my uncle, who taught me how to illustrate at a young age. I later became a graphic designer, working on editorial layouts for a top Pan African fashion magazine. After watching several in-house photoshoots and shadowing the photographers when I could, I decided to pursue my growing interest in photography.

I've now found that my voice is clearer through my lens. I'm generally a quiet soul but speak boldly through photography. I constantly challenge myself to push the limits of creativity and find that I'm drawn to natural light, playing with shadows and how they bring my subjects to life.

Travel and Interior photography have taken centre stage in the last few years. I've travelled all over East Africa, working with properties and travel partners to capture the magic of travel. From the architecture, interiors and cuisine to the landscapes, experiences and people that bring it all together, I strive to create images that make you feel something.

My travels have deepened my appreciation for our many conservation practices. Part of my work is to give back, so in addition to documenting conservation efforts, I currently work alongside an organisation called Lensational where I teach local female communities photography. We aim to empower them to tell their own stories and document the effects of climate change from their perspective.

I am also working on my first book, based on a series called The Dark Matter Project, a collaboration between myself and stylist Bryan Emry. The series is rooted in the alluring tones of black skin and combines my first love, editorial-style photography, with my new passion for interiors, landscapes and escape.

Some notable brands I've been fortunate to work with include H&M Global, On Running Switzerland, National Geographic, The Long Run, Segera Retreat, The Safari Collection and many more.

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